Globetrotters' Story


Who are we?

_mg_9330We are a bong couple Aniket  and Soumali living and working in  India.We are Software developer and Tester respectively by profession.

The common interest which bonded us are our love for travel ,exploring new places,trying out different foods and learning and experimenting to cook different cuisines.

We look for opportunities to relieve ourselves from the hectic and busy life we are leading.The two stress buster for  us are

  1. pack our bags to explore places
  2. eat out different cuisines or try cooking them.

We believe in budget traveling instead of luxury traveling.So here in our blog we will be sharing with you all the places we visited so far ,the places where we stayed,foods we tried and share all other experiences we had.

The sole purpose of our blogging is to motivate all our readers to travel,to plan their trip to places they might not have explored yet because as the saying goes “The world is a book,and those who do not travel read only one page”.

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